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Sexual Harassment is riddled with the abuse of power and lacking of all boundaries.

Accusations of sexual misconduct are bringing down powerful men every day. For almost twenty years now I have devotedly and successfully empowered hundreds of women to lead the lives they desire and deserve. As a Coach I can help you discover the strengths that lie within you and awaken those strengths so your life is lived from a place of truth, resourcefulness, and joy. Processing practical boundaries and implementation of those boundaries is key to living the life that you are worthy of. Boundaries are asserting your desires and needs and not being accusing or defensive. This is something you can learn now or is within your reach. Women are currently taking them to a whole other level — so can you. Living your life from that place is such a gift to each and every one of us and now is the time to open up that gift. Coaching is a resource that is confidential and outside the realm of family, friends or co-workers. You and I can explore options and what steps should be taken next by opening up your resources to guide you. With my professional psychology background therapy and coaching does not have to be an either/or. It is all in the conversation that awakens your strengths, resilience, dignity, curiosity, and empowerment. I am happy to walk beside you through your journey. There is a community that is waiting to take your hand and greet you, stepping into a vast society of support — 
You are not alone. 


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What I Do

 Peeling Off the Silence by Garciella Delgado, NYT 1/2018

Peeling Off the Silence by Garciella Delgado, NYT 1/2018


The relationship between ‘Coach’ and ‘Client’ is the same as many coaching relationships but the challenges may be quite different. If the Client is currently being sexually harassed the Coach can support the client through their process building a stronger sense of self, beginning to create boundaries, exploring options for employment and overall witnessing of the Client’s story.

As a psychotherapist I can utilize some of my psychotherapy skills with the Client.  A sense of being present, identifying any triggers that the harasser may bring forth, anxiety that could occur and some education around the Client’s particular responses when the harasser is present or the aftermath.  Working with all this and more the Client can begin to feel powerful, worthy and not responsible for the harassers behavior.  With curiosity, exploration, and understanding, these beliefs come into awareness creating alignment with the inner wisdom we all possess and allow the client to engage in connected interpersonal relationships with themselves and others. 

The Coach’s role is to empower and awaken the resources within the Client along with creating movement in that process.  Ensuring the client is thoroughly documenting the harassment, requesting the behavior to come to an end — these two actions can evoke power in a client but it is extremely helpful to have a coach alongside you validating, encouraging and creating movement which is about growth - the opposite of being under attack and  sexually harassed.  As a Coach empowers the Client choices become evident and the Client can then make decisions based on what is best for them.  Some changes may include speaking out, going to HR with their documentation, taking legal action whether it be a retaliation or sexual harassment case.  The idea is to have the client feel safe and secure at work whether that involves a change in jobs or a possible change in the culture at their current jobs. 

If the client is in a legal battle regarding Sexual Harassment, the Coach can enable the Client’s resources to walk through this battle with grace, a strong sense of self, and power with a solid support system in place.  The Client deserves all of this and more acknowledging the courage and strength it takes to speak out.


About Me

I am a Sexual Harassment Coach.

I support and empower those who are targets of harassment, creating stability, along with a sense of security in their workplace allowing them to perform their specific roles to the best of their ability and being treated with dignity and respect.


Certified, trusted and awarded

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Lisa Etzel

This is a Mission for me as a women…..I feel incredibly qualified with my psychotherapy background of 20 years and almost 2 years of certified coaching as a Life Coach.  It is a mission I take very seriously.  It is exciting and compelling to me to be a catalyst for change.  My goal for the future is to present this to companies with the key value being running a Respectful Unbiased Workplace. Just to know the EEOC has received an increase in reporting of 50% so far this year it reinforces my choice to be s Sexual Harassment Coach and partake and support in this societal change.   


via phone or email

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