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Sexual Harassment is riddled with the abuse of power and lacking of all boundaries.

I am a Sexual Harassment Coach standing by you in your truth, witnessing your own personal story, empowering and creating choice. EVERYONE deserves to be part of a safe and dignified workplace.

As a Coach I can help you discover the strengths that lie within you and awaken those strengths so your life is lived from a place of truth, resourcefulness, and joy.

Coaching is a resource that is confidential and outside the realm of family, friends or co-workers. You and I can explore options and what steps you can take by opening up your resources to guide you. With my professional psychology background therapy and coaching does not have to be an either/or. It is all in the conversation that awakens your strengths, resilience, dignity, curiosity, and empowerment. I am happy to walk beside you through your journey. There is a community that is waiting to take your hand and greet you, stepping into a vast society of support — You are not alone. 


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What I Do

Peeling Off the Silence by Garciella Delgado, NYT 1/2018

Peeling Off the Silence by Garciella Delgado, NYT 1/2018

Sexual Harassment Coaching

The relationship between ‘Coach’ and ‘Client’ is the same as many coaching relationships but the challenges may be quite different. If you are currently being sexually harassed I can support you through the process by building a strong sense of self and awareness. Internal Family Systems coaching unlocks clients fullest potential by focusing on their entire internal operating system where you will find creating boundaries comes with ease, being in alignment with your purpose and identity is natural, and experience the excitement and possibility of exploring options for employment, if necessary. This is not something you need to go through alone and you are not responsible for the harasser’s behavior. With empathy and compassion I will witness your story in any way you wish with openness and connection.

As a psychotherapist I can bring a multitude of my skills to our relationship. A sense of presence, identifying any triggers that the harasser may bring forth in you, anxiety that could occur and some education around any particular responses when the harasser is present with you or the aftermath. Working with all this and more you can begin to feel powerful, worthy and honoring your natural abilities. With curiosity, exploration, and understanding, there is a beautiful creation within you aligning you with your inner wisdom. This inner wisdom allows you to engage in healthy connected interpersonal relationships with yourself and others.

My role is to empower and awaken the resources within you along with creating movement in the process. Ensuring you are thoroughly documenting the harassment, requesting the behavior to come to an end — these two actions can evoke power within you but it is extremely helpful to have me compassionately walk with you on this path validating, encouraging, and creating momentum and growth - the opposite of being under attack and sexually harassed. Changes you may experience include speaking out, reporting to your Human Resource Department with your documentation, taking legal action whether it be a retaliation or sexual harassment case, and if this is a public case taking care around your social media accounts. The idea is to have you feel safe and secure at work whether that involves a change in jobs or a possible change in the culture at your current workplace. Coaching unlocks the client’s fullest potential in all areas of their lives.

Wherever you are in your process together we can enable your resources walking through your situation with grace, dignity, respect, a strong sense of self, and power with a solid support system in place. You deserve all of this and more acknowledging the courage and strength it takes to speak out.

About Me

I am a Sexual Harassment Coach.

I support and empower those who are targets of harassment, creating stability, along with a sense of security in their workplace allowing them to perform their specific roles to the best of their ability and being treated with dignity and respect.

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I am Lisa Etzel

This is a Mission for me as a women.

I feel incredibly qualified with my psychotherapy background of 20 years and almost 2 years of certified coaching as a Life Coach. It is a mission I take very seriously. It is exciting and compelling to me to be a catalyst for change. My goal for the future is to present this to companies with the key value being to operate as a Respectful Unbiased Workplace. Just to know the EEOC has received a 50% increase of cases regarding sexual harassment and retaliation in 2018 reinforces my choice to be a Sexual Harassment Coach and a supporter of this societal change.   I believe this change will bring about less violent, more resilient and collaborative society.



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